A trusted partnership commences with signing of contract for Beyond Boundary to handhold our creators to start the journey to the Chinese market.
Beyond Boundary identifies the best social media platform(s) based on creators’ unique content, complete all account registration and administration chores, and establishes verified and protected accounts to deliver content and engage fans.
Beyond Boundary crafts customized plans for content creation, to maximize success in the Chinese market.
Beyond Boundary’s professional team localizes your content to adapt to the Chinese market. We translate and re-edit to ensure that the length and style of your content fits the trends of different Chinese social media.
Beyond Boundary helps managing your Chinese social media accounts, administering the localized content on different platforms. To amplify growth, Beyond Boundary even pays out of its own pocket to strategically maximize exposure!
Beyond Boundary values thoughts and views of our creators, especially when it comes to engaging and managing the growing fan groups from the success of creators’ Chinese social media accounts.
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