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Beyond Boundary provides one-stop solution to enable our creators to enter and thrive in the Chinese market, including:
  • Account registration and administration
  • Content localization
  • Fan engagement and management
  • Business and monetization optimization
The top 5 social media platforms in China include Douyin (Chinese TikTok), Weibo, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu (the Little Red Book) and Kuaishou – and Beyond Boundary is a certified partner for all of them! Beyond Boundary identifies the best social media platform(s) based on creators’ unique content to maximize your success in the Chinese market.
Each Chinese social media platform has its unique user profile, and their trending contents are different in length and styles. Beyond Boundary localizes and refines our creators’ content with customized strategy for each platform, to capture trends, deliver content, engage fans, and maximize success in the Chinese market.
You may send us links of your accounts on social medias. Better yet - you can provide us with links to directly download your contents. We also offer each creator with a Beyond Boundary account, you may upload your videos and contents through our portal.
Beyond Boundary pays out of its own pocket for your content localization. Beyond Boundary’s professional localization team will translate, create subtitles and re-edit 3 to 4 videos per week for you if your videos are within 10 minutes. It may take us more time if you have longer videos. Our creators will never be asked to pay out of their own funds and will not need to pay even at the end of the contract for our top-tier localization service.
Yes. Beyond boundary values thoughts and views of our creators, especially when it comes to content localization. We will confirm with our creators before uploading videos to the social media when you prefer to have maximum artistic control.
Beyond Boundary will provide each of our creators with a customized strategy of how we will operate your Chinese social media accounts and localize your contents for the Chinese market. By executing the strategy, carefully choosing the timing of release and style of the content, Beyond Boundary handholds our creators to take the maximum advantage of algorithm of the social media and strategically drive the exposure.
Beyond Boundary’s professional team will analyze each creator’s unique content and craft customized “account operation strategy”. In the near future, creators will be able to see the operation of the accounts through the dashboard of Beyond Boundary’s personal portal.
Yes. Beyond Boundary will assign a specialist to assist you to interact with your fans in China. Our specialist will engage and manage your newly formed Chinese fan groups with love and care, connecting, communicating, and bonding you and your fans beyond the boundaries of languages and regions.
Beyond Boundary will protect your copyright with two powerful weapons, account’s official verification and our professional legal team. Account verification usually requires a photo ID and other necessary documents to verify the identity of the creator behind each account. By doing so, creators claim the author’s copyrights and automatically trigger the protection system of each social media platform, preventing and eliminating unauthorized uses of contents. To offer more protection, Beyond Boundary build its own professional legal team to mitigate the risk of and take legal actions on infringement of copyrights.
Each Chinese social media platform has its own procedures and requires different types of supporting documents. Beyond Boundary will provide a list of required documents for verification after creators sign the contract with us. Our operation team will handle all the chores and create verified account for you after receiving the required materials.
With years of dedication to the Chinese market, Beyond Boundary’s professional team is experienced, well-connected and ready to empower. We connect brands and creators to make advertisement business opportunities happen. Caring and valuing our creator’s thoughts and ideas, we take your thoughts into account and implement the preferred approach for each business opportunities.
Beyond Boundary will provide a list of payments you will receive on the 10th of each month for your last month’s share. After we receive your confirmation of the list, payment will be deposited in your designated account accordingly.
We understand your potential concerns during the pandemics. You are always welcome to meet with Beyond Boundary team in person. But we also offer online signing option for creators worldwide for maximum flexibility. You may sign the contract in the comfort of your own home.
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